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View of the Rose Farm House and Cemetery Ridge beyond.Gen. Meade Equestrian Monument on Cemetery RidgeCodori Barn and the US Regulars MonumentView of the Trostle Barn with the 1st Minn. Infantry monument in the background.7th NJVol. Inf. MonumentMaryland State MonumentView of the Soldiers National MonumentThe Monument of the The Excelsior Brigade4th New York Independent Battery Monument at SunsetThe Monument of the 73rd New York Volunteer Infantry and the Klingle FarmThe Sherfy Farm with the 120th NY Monument and Longstreet Observation Tower Visible.View Looking South Along the Emmitsburg Road111th New York Infantry Monument with the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry in the BackgroundGeneral Alexander Hays Standing FirmMaj. Gen. George G. Meade Equestrian Monument at sunriseTrostle Barn with the summit of Little Round Top in the background.The Codori Barn with the Brian Farm in the Background4th New York Independent Battery Monument with the 44th New York Monument in the Background9th Pennsylvania Reserves (38th PA Infantry Regiment) MonumentAlbert Henry Woolson monument during the first significant snow of 2012