Will Dupuis is a long-time Pennsylvania resident. He was born in Japan while his Father was stationed there. Having lived in several different places during his lifetime, his family settled in Pennsylvania. Having a Mother who served in the Navy and a Father who served in the Army, Will carried on the trend and enlisted in the Air Force between 1993 and 1997. During his service, he was stationed in Utah and spent time in Egypt while on a temporary duty assignment. He is currently a Network Administrator in the Technology field.

Will’s photographic interest grew when he would visit Gettysburg and take pictures of the many monuments. He has a relative that was in the Civil War and fought at Boonsboro during General Lee’s retreat after the Battle of Gettysburg, so Will’s affection for the Civil War and Gettysburg has carried over to a project in which he is presently involved. Will is currently re-creating modern views from photos taken in 1880 by William H. Tipton—a Gettysburg native considered to have some of the earliest documented photos of the battlefield and monuments. Over the years Will's photographic interest and skills have grown and he considers his primary focus to be nature and Gettysburg Battlefield photography.